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Dylan and Gavin's Stories

Dylan Krum, a happy, young man who kept himself busy in many of his favorite activities, was an eighth grade student who seemed quite healthy when he was diagnosed with Pediatric Follicular Lymphoma in May of 2010. He fought an extremely courageous battle for the 60 days

he remained in the hospital. In spite of all of the actions that were taken and all of the prayers that were spoken, Dylan did not survive and left this life on July 15, 2010.


In similar fashion, Gavin Krum was leading a normal and healthy life when he was diagnosed with t-cell leukemia (ALL) in late September of 2012 and suffered his own two month battle before his life ended on November 27, 2012.


During the illnesses of both boys, the family experienced much distress and heartache. In a time as trying as this, they found a great deal of comfort and love from many compassionate people.


Recognizing the benefit that any family who is experiencing the fears and struggles that come along with a serious condition or having to face the unthinkable tragedy of the end of a child's life, the mission of Dylan and Gavin's Rainbow was established.

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